Week 34 Creative Challenge : A Crocheted Mouse with an Outfit

Hello! Here is my weekly post for this year’s Creative Challenge . I wasn’t sure what I’d make so I took a look at an ongoing list I keep on my ipad called “Things to Remember”. Way down at the bottom, I found a link I’d saved years ago, to a tutorial on making a cute crocheted mouse.

If you’d like to make one, too, you will find that pattern here, complete with both written instructions and a video. Thank you to Sharon Ojala for the free pattern.

I made the mouse and then kept on going, adding a sweater, a hat, and a cross-body bag, all of my own design. Those took shape as I went along, so I didn’t write down the patterns but if you make the mouse and would like to know how to make the other pieces, please send me an email at the address in the footer.

The original pattern was intended for a “Little Red Riding Hood” theme, so there are instructions with the mouse pattern for a hooded cape, a shawl, and a granny hat. There’s also a pattern for a cute wolf, that I plan to try to make sometime soon.

I finished off the mouse’s outfit with a scarf made from a scrap piece of cotton.

The last little detail was a tiny envelope with a note inside, that I tucked into the mouse’s bag. I think I made this for a child in my life but we’ll see if it ever makes it over to her home because I’ve grown quite attached to this creature, and I do have a collection of mice! I might have to make another one.

↑ A work in progress : the instructions suggest that you leave long tails of yarn to stitch the pieces together but I prefer to do that with regular thread, so I hid the ends of the yarn inside each piece. ↑

↑ My hand is in the picture for scale. There’s a wire in the tail, that can be shaped however you like. The author of the pattern was able to just slide her wire into the thin tube but mine would not go in nicely at all, so I threaded a darning needle, attached the wire to the thread and then ran it through the tube and that worked perfectly. ↑

Thank you for looking. xo loulou