Week 1 : The “One Thing a Week” Creative Challenge

Hello! Ok, here I am going out on a limb that may very well crack and break beneath me, but I’m going to give a weekly personal challenge a go for 2023.

I’m keeping it doable by asking myself to achieve only one success per week from the ongoing wish-list of things I want to do this year, and I’m going to publicly keep myself accountable by telling you about it here every Sunday.

Maybe there’s some form of creative expression you’d like to challenge yourself to do at least once a week, so, please join me, if you’d like. If there are others who would like to publicly join, I’ll find a way to link what you’ve achieved, so please email me at the address in the footer. Or, join on your own and keep it to yourself, with my weekly post to remind you.

Of course, everyone’s list will be different but here’s mine …

I plan to do at least ONE of the following every week :

  • Handcraft one item, or if it’s an easy thing, make several, or if it’s something that takes more time to make, share it when it’s finished.
  • Create one blog post on this site (not including the Weekly Challenge update), or
  • Post one video to YouTube, or
  • Post one YouTube Short video (I haven’t done one of those yet, but plan to start), or
  • Post 2 images to Instagram (photos are quicker to do so I’m aiming for 2 of them).

Here’s my achievement for Week 1

It involved creating an Instagram Account since I am very late to that party and, although I’ve admired many Instagram photos in the past, I have never joined in myself so I opened an account. It is called “LoulouVintageHome” and will focus on my love of vintage home décor.

And, to meet the challenge goals, I posted two images to it.

This is not a plug to get you to follow my new account, but it would be silly and strange for me not to tell you where it is (Thank you if you do follow me there, though!) :

Loulou Vintage Home on Instagram

In case you don’t use Instagram, the photos on this post are the ones I posted there. (Note: they may be a bit blurry here because Instagram is made to be viewed on a phone.)

Thank you for reading. I hope this inspires you to keep up with the list of creative things you’d like to do this year. Here’s hoping this doesn’t fall to the wayside like so many New Year’s resolutions do! Wishing you luck with your own personal challenge!

xo loulou


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