How to Cross-Stitch on Paper : A Video Tutorial and Autumn & Halloween Pieces


You may know that I quite enjoy cross-stitching on paper, considering I’ve written about it several times on these pages.

Well, now I have a video tutorial demonstrating how to do it!

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This fun-to-do quick craft involves transferring the pattern to paper as a first step, which can be done using two different methods, both of which are demonstrated in the video.

Also, in honour of the season, I’ve stitched up a couple of new pieces, one for Halloween and one for Autumn decorating.

I designed the Jack o’ Lantern pattern myself and you’re welcome to use it. These have been completed using all six strands of thread within a piece of embroidery thread.

The Autumn flower is the very same pattern we worked on in the video, except with a different colour pallete. The free pattern is found here.

↑ The flower completed using autumn colours. ↑

↑ The same pattern using springtime colours. This one was completed in the video. ↑

Here are the original posts about other designs I’ve done. Each post contains a link to a free pattern I found online :

A fox and an owl (Includes written instructions for how to do the craft using graph paper to transfer the pattern)

A chick – great for Easter cards.

A heart – great for Valentine cards.

Alphabet Letters – great for initials on birthday cards. (Includes written instructions for how to do the craft using plastic canvas to transfer the pattern)

A clover – for St. Patrick’s Day decor.

Also, I’ve been doing quite a bit of stitching lately, as I completed one of the four newly released embroidery kits designed by my friend Julie of Knitted Bliss Blog.

The kit came with everything I needed to complete the project, including the hoop. It was really enjoyable to do and quite addictive. I love how it turned out! So, if you like embroidering and want to create a piece with a knitting theme, check out Julie’s online shop here. The kits make great gifts, too!

There you have it, a whole lot of stitching going on!

xo loulou

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