Cross-Stitch on Paper : Christmas Tree Pattern

Hello! Given that I now have a “cross-stitch on paper” piece for most holidays and seasons now, you might say that this is a craft I truly enjoy doing. It’s a quick and fun creative pass time, that results in a cute handmade item that you can frame or make into a greeting card.

You will find a “How To” post here and a video demonstration here, so I won’t repeat how this is done here. Instead I’ll show you the little Christmas tree I’ve recently designed a pattern for, which you are welcome to use yourself.

And, if you also become hooked on this craft, you might want to begin a collection of your own creations, so I’ll link all the other holiday and seasonal ones I’ve made at the end of the post. Happy stitching!

↑ The first part of this craft is giving yourself a grid on the paper, that you can then cross-stitch into, and this time I tried layering two pieces of paper and poking the holes in both at the same time. It worked perfectly, leaving me with two pieces to fill in with embroidery thread. I made one green tree and one pink one, but you choose whatever colours you want. They are worked using all six strands of thread within the piece of embroidery floss. ↑

↑ There’s a close up of the completed tree. It is about 2 1/2 inches tall. Note, the jagged branches on the sides are made by doing a “half cross-stitch”, represented by the triangular shapes in the pattern. Also, I ran an extra running stitch along the bottom of the tree and around the trunk. ↑

Here they are framed and displayed in a couple of vignettes …

↑ For reference, the frame has a 5”x7” opening. ↑

Here are some other designs you might like to try. (FYI These links are to other blog posts within this site you’re on, “Loulou Downtown Blog”. From there, some of the pattern links require you to leave the site) :

A fox and an owl – for Autumn decor

A chick – for Easter

A heart – for Valentine’s Day

Alphabet Letters – great for initials on birthday cards. (Includes written instructions for how to do the craft using plastic canvas to transfer the pattern)

A clover – for St. Patrick’s Day decor.

A flower with a stem and leaves — for any season, depending on which colours you choose to use.

A Jack-o-Lantern – for Halloween

If you celebrate Christmas, I hope your holiday preparations are going well, so far. Thank you for visiting my blog. xo loulou