Thrift Store Finds : Halloween and Autumn Themed


I’ve gathered up the items I found at the thrift store over the past few months, that suit a Halloween and Autumn theme. Everything was found at the Value Village at Lansdowne and Bloor (in Toronto, Canada).

And, for the first time, I’ve made a dedicated video in which I show and discuss each of the finds. It’s a lot easier to do all my talking (and I can do plenty of talking about thrift store finds!) on video, rather than writing out all the details here. So, if you’d like to hear more about each item, including the cost of each piece, and to get a better look at things from different angles, please watch the video. It’s twelve and a half minutes long.

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Whether you’re into watching YouTube or not, I appreciate you, the reader of my blog, and don’t plan to change up what I’ve been doing here for the past 9 years. So, as always with my “Thrift Store Finds”, here are photos of everything I got.

↑ I’d hung these two vintage ceramic wall-hangings up right after I filmed the video, and then forgot to include them in the photograph of everything I found. So, this is a picture of them on the wall. I got the pumpkin last year the the corn is a recent find. ↑

↑ This ceramic ghost is unmarked but I think he’s vintage. ↑

↑ Also unmarked. He came is one of those bags where they put several things in one bag, along with the ghost. I was glad to have him as an extra. There was a third item in the bag, too, but I don’t need it so it will be donated back to the thrift store. ↑

↑ A clown head-vase from the fifties, made by Inarco, found in perfect condition. ↑

↑ A couple of pieces to add to my vintage amber glass collection. (I added a clip of these displayed with other pieces from the collection at the end of the video.) ↑

↑ A set of vintage lucite napkin rings. ↑

↑ A cotton pillow case ↑

↑ A cotton tea-towel ↑

↑ A vintage linen tea-towel that has never been used before. ↑

↑ A linen table runner, or, if I cut and hem it, two tea-towels. ↑

↑ A pair of cotton pillow cases from the sixties or early seventies. ↑

↑ A cover for a 16″ pillow insert that still had its original tags on it. ↑

And, that’s it!

And, one new-to-me item that didn’t come from the thrift store. I got this ceramic cat with green rhinestone eyes from ebay. He was made in the 50s by Norcrest Fine China.

Thanks for reading. Wishing you a good weekend. xo loulou

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