Recent Thrift Store Finds

thrift store finds

You know how there are some trips to the the thrift store where you find all kinds of good things, and then there are those trips where you find very little that you want to have take space in your home? The haul here today was from one of the better days. …

In a stack of clear pressed glass platters, this vintage amber coloured one caught my eye. I already have a little bowl that is the same colour, so could see this piece used with it to serve vegetables and dip.  Research indicates that it’s a plate made by Anchor Hocking between 1972 and 1975, in the Fairfield pattern.

thrifted platter 02

thrifted platter 01

Nearby I found these two small glass bowls. I liked the unique shape and for $.49 each, decided to get them. They are familiar from my childhood and I’m pretty sure my grandmother had some the same.



Then in the linens section, where I usually let my fingers do the walking by feeling the fabrics before examining, I came upon some linen. It surprised me to find these two vintage place-mats, nicely worn from having been previously loved, but without a single mark or stain. And the scalloped edges? And the colour? Yes, had to have, especially at $1 for the pair of them.

thrifted placemats

thrifted linen placemats

I also found this lovely heavy cotton table runner, that is beautifully decorated with hand embroidery. The person who made this put so much work into it, and although I have no idea who she is (I’ll stereotype here and assume she’s a she), I appreciated the effort and hours put in to make this and took it home for $1.50.

thrifted embroidered runner

thrifted hand embroidered runner

I also found an unused cotton tea towel all the way from Scotland, featuring a cute pair of Scottie dogs. It was going for $1.

thrifted dogs tea towel

thrifted tea towel dogs

Our collection of drinking glasses is mostly a mix and match of different sizes and patterns, so at $.69 each I added these two glasses. They are very solid yet delicate and look like they came from a fancy set although they’re unmarked.


This next glass piece is made by Arcoroc France. I looked this company up and they began making glassware in 1825 and interestingly, they were the first to develop ‘tempered glass’ which is safety glass because it breaks into chunks instead of sharp shards. Mine is a vintage butter dish, but we’ll be using it for leftovers in the fridge.



I also found this stack of six small milk-glass bowls with flowers on them. They are Dynaware, which is a Mexican company founded in 1940. Apparently they are a Pyrex imitator and were actually sued for infringement. I don’t mind having a bit of scandalous glassware in my cupboard and these cute and sturdy little numbers will suit us fine for portion controlling snacks.


I grabbed this uniquely shaped rectangular melamine serving tray because I think it will be a perfect serving piece. It was made in Italy and I’m not sure how old it is, but by the vintage look of the pattern and the layer of grime that was on it, I’d say it was getting up there. It was a good find for a dollar.

thrifted vintage serving tray

When I go to the thrift store Nick usually drops me off, goes and does some stuff, and then comes back for me. On this trip he came inside and took a little look around himself. He picked himself up these cooking utensils, the wooden one being a one of a kind hand-carved hardwood piece (although he didn’t care about that part and it was actually in among a bag of miscellaneous wooden kitchen tools, the rest of which were nothing special so I didn’t photograph them.

thrifted kitchen utensils

Being a lover of coloured glass, I fell for this little (5 1/2 inch tall) blue vase with a ruffled edge. I like small vases to display tiny bouquets that I forage from my garden.


And now, I’ve saved the best for last. She will hang on the wall and is a vintage wall-pocket — there’s a hole in the top, into which one would have put some water and flowers, so it would look like her hat was decorated. Wall pockets were popular in the 40s and 50s, so she’s an old gal. The flowers are chipped a bit but it’s hardly noticeable.

thrifted wall pocket vintage girl head

thrifted wall pocket detail

So that sums it up. I hope you enjoyed taking a look at my thrift store finds.
xo loulou