Two Welcome Garden Guests : Butterflies and Wild Onions


Greetings on this fine Friday! (At least it is fine here, and I hope the same can be said for where you are.)

Here’s a shorty post featuring some pictures I took of a couple of recent guests to our garden : this delicate butterfly, and these wild onions.

The butterfly might not be the most colourful, but what it lacks there is certainly made up by its determination to make itself seen. There was barely a walk about the garden this summer and fall that I didn’t see at least one, and often several, of these butterflies flitting about. It’s called a Cabbage White Butterfly.

sulphur butterfly-and-wild-onion-01



The flower is that of a wild onion. When we moved in there was a patch of these in the back deck area. I had no idea what they were until I accidentally stepped on them and the aroma of onion burst forth. Since then we’ve enjoyed them in all kinds of dishes like omelettes and pasta. I began transplanting them around the yard, and one spot that they particularly flourished was at the very front, near the sidewalk, where we get most direct sunshine.

As far as I’m concerned these ones are strictly for ornamental purposes because this is a very popular dog walking street and I wouldn’t actually eat anything I picked from the front, no matter how thoroughly it had been washed!

However, there is someone out there who does eat them, as throughout the summer I found tufts of my wild onions had been secretly cut down to the ground. I must say I was annoyed that someone was repeatedly coming onto my driveway in the middle of the night and cutting my onions, but what can you do?

Anyway, I had plenty, and the ones that were cut actually resulted in much better flowering in the fall. In fact, here we are in November and there are still buds out there that I expect are yet to bloom. We ended up with quite a lovely drift of these onion flowers, and it turned out that they are just the thing to make the butterflies happy, too.



Thanks for taking a look. I hope you’re in for a good weekend. We have few plans except to rake leaves and clean up the yard. Other than that we will let it take us where it will.
xo loulou