Week 7 Creative Challenge : Two Vintage Vignettes for Instagram and a Blog Post

Hi! This is the weekly update for the Creative Challenge I set for myself for this year (as introduced in this post).

#1 – I put together two vignettes of vintage items to suit some themes over on Instagram.  (My account is Loulou Vintage Home , if you’d like to see.)

The first was for #vintagetoytime where they asked to see a toy paired with a valentine. For this one, I pulled out one of my favourite vintage cards, which dates to the 60s, and features an adorable elf giving out treats from a tray. If you’ve been visiting this site for a while, you’ve seen it before because a Valentine’s Day doesn’t pass without it coming out somewhere.

The valentine was paired with a small stainless steel and wood spatula and tray, which looks similar to the one he is holding. My mother thrifted this duo in the original box, and gave it to me as a gift years ago. It appears to be from the 50s or 60s. Based on the tiny size, it looks like a toy but it’s always been a bit of a mystery because it’s kind of fancy for a toy and the box is not childish at all, so, it may have been a salesman’s sample. Either way, I’m happy to have it in my collection.

For the second vignette, participants were asked to post an image of a favourite collection for #favoritecollectionsfriday . I included this set of 5 ceramic figurines by Homco.

This is a “collection within a collection” because the original sets have been broken up over the 40 or so years since they were made and are often found one at a time or mixed with other figurines, so the separate pieces that make up a set have to be collected. Each piece is numbered on the bottom so you can tell what goes with what.

And then there were lots of different sets. They’re all groupings of some kind of animal doing something together, so, if you’re so inclined, you can collect them all.

I’ve only started collecting these “family” sets in the past couple of years, beginning with this one of cats at Christmas, which hooked me in! Since then, I’ve gotten this one and a couple of others. They’re all seasonal, so will come out at the appropriate time of year, with the next family expected to make its debut at Eastertime. I’m not interested in collecting all of the sets, but there are a couple more that I might look for.

And, since there is a heart window on the door of the cabin, I also included this vignette in the theme #colorfulvintagegals , where they were asking to see a heart somewhere in the display.

#2: Blog Post – Since you’re reading this on this site, you may have already seen that I published a blog post last week, after my friend Julie and I went to see the exhibition about Leonard Cohen at the AGO. If you’d like to see that, it is here.

If you partook in a creative endeavour this week, I hope the process made you happy and you love what you made. Thank you for reading. xo loulou