Week 8 Creative Challenge : An Embroidery Project and Homemade Hot Chocolate

Hello! I hope you’ve had a good week. Here is my weekly post for my challenge to create something every week for a year, and to keep myself accountable by telling you about it here (as introduced in this post).

I love what I have to show you today — I completed one of the embroidery kits from Knitted Bliss Stitching! Full disclosure, Julie, the artist who made this kit, from drawing the image to putting all the pieces needed to finish the project together, is my friend, but I can honestly say that embroidering this was an enjoyable thing to do, regardless of who offered it.

There is quite a lot of stitching to do, so I didn’t complete this in one week. Rather, I worked on it, a bit at a time in the evenings over about two weeks. But, if you’re a fast stitcher and really want to get it finished quickly, you could probably do it in a week.

The kit comes with everything you need, including the printed cotton, the bamboo hoop, cotton floss and 2 needles. It even comes with a couple of useful yet attractive extras that aren’t necessary to finish the project but that are really fun to have. These are a metal needle threader and a magnetized “needle keeper”. After you’re finished the kit, both of these items can be added to you sewing basket for use on other things.

The piece I did is called “Cozy Winter”. There is also a mug available, that has the same image printed on it and the prettiest shade of pink on the inside and handle. Both were very suitable to have near me this past week, as we experienced winter in a big way, with a major snowstorm that left us with mounds of snow on the ground.

But, as the storm raged, I was warm and comfortable inside stitching these charming winter themed garments, while sipping homemade hot chocolate from the mug.

Until this winter, I didn’t realize how easy it is to make hot chocolate from scratch, using unsweetened cocoa powder. The recipe is below.

↑ The mug goes perfectly with this plate I found at the thrift store, previously shared in this post about the thrifting haul that included it. ↑

Thank you for reading. Wishing you a good week ahead! xo loulou


Homemade Hot Chocolate Made with Cocoa Powder

  • 2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1 tablespoon sugar (or more if you’d like it sweeter)
  • 1 1/4 cup milk, whatever kind you prefer
  • 1/4 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • a pinch of salt

Put the cocoa powder and sugar in a pan and turn on the heat to medium. Add 1/4 cup of the milk and stir until smooth (note: the dry ingredients mix with the milk much more easily if they’re over some heat). Stir in the rest of the milk, the vanilla extract and salt and heat until hot, stirring regularly. Don’t let it boil. Serve hot with marshmallows, if desired.

You can also enjoy this a cold chocolate milk by allowing it to cool and refrigerating it. It tastes remarkably like the chocolate milk sold here in Canada by Sealtest.


Homemade Hot Chocolate Made From Unsweetened Cocoa Powder. Let it cool and refrigerate for Chocolate Milk

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