How to Make a Fabric Pumpkin – V2, with a Video

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A couple of years ago, in this post, I described how to make a pumpkin using a piece of repurposed cotton. The idea was to use a tube of flannel cut from the leg or arm of some old pajamas or a shirt.

The one I made then is the larger grey one in these photos. It’s been a fun piece to have out in the autumn for Thanksgiving and Hallowe’en decorating. I felt like making a few more in different sizes but had no worn out pjs or shirts in the right colours to use. However, I did have an old tea towel that would work nicely, with the extra step of turning the fabric into a tube first.

The piece of fabric you use is approximately twice as wide as it is high. If you want a stubbier or taller pumpkin, adjust the height.

I made a video tutorial of this second version, demonstrating how to make pumpkins from any piece of soft repurposed fabric.

I hope you’ll watch it, but if you prefer written instructions, they’re on the post linked above.

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↑ Here’s a shot Nick took of me while I was testing the lighting and setting up to film the video. ↑

↑ The tutorial for the crocheted pumpkin is here, and for the crocheted maple leaf garland is here. ↑

↑ Shaking things up with untraditional colours for Autumn ↑

Thanks very much for reading. I hope you’ll be making a fabric pumpkin for yourself! xo loulou

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