The 70s Called and They Want Their Décor Back : Thanksgiving Display

Hello! It’s Thanksgiving here in Canada this weekend, so I put together a little display to represent an abundant harvest, using vintage, thrifted, handmade and new items.

In the video, I show you what I used and where things came from, and then I filmed as I placed all the items, to create the vignette. It wasn’t intentional, but it kind of looks like decorating from the 70s. For some reason, my autumn decor often looks like something that was pulled together during that era, but I don’t mind! I think it’s the colour palette that gives it that look because only one, maybe two, pieces actually came from the 70s.

↑ The postcard was originally mailed in 1909, so it’s 113 years old! ↑

↑ The only item I’m pretty sure comes from the 70s. I found her recently at the Value Village at Lansdowne and Bloor. Gotta love that cheerful smile, haha. The other piece that might be from that decade as well would be the copper platter. ↑

Thanks for visiting and, if you’re Canadian, Happy Thanksgiving! xo loulou

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