A New Crocheted Wreath and an Easter Decorating Video

Hello hello! I won’t pretend that times aren’t dire, but I’ll try to cheer you with my home’s attire. Groan? Ok, moving along. (For future readers, this was posted during the covid pandemic).

Here’s a new seasonal wreath I crocheted, following this tutorial.

This time I used four colours of yarn (Bernat 100% Cotton Yarnspirations, which I found at Michael’s). It was left over from this project, where the yarn was woven through repurposed berry baskets, to make small Easter baskets, so the wreath and the baskets match perfectly!

It’s decorated with a couple of beaded ornaments made following this method, except I didn’t have any long headpins so I used wire, bending the end around a small silver bead to hold the rest of the beads on.

If you’d like to see the wreath in action, it is featured at the beginning of this video of our Easter decor. The rest of the video shows our home as it was decorated last Easter. I filmed everything back then, however, I’d not learned how to edit videos yet, so didn’t share the footage at that time. I did post still photos, though, which are here, if you’d like to see.

I hope the crocheters will enjoy making a wreath to decorate their home or give as a gift.

Thank you for reading and watching the video. Wishing you a Happy Easter if you celebrate, and a good long-weekend if you don’t.

xo loulou

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