Decorating for Spring and Easter 2020 : Vintage, Second-Hand and Thrift Store Finds

Hello and Happy Easter if you celebrate! Of course, it’s kind of hard to be in a celebratory mood when you’re stuck inside, but I hope you had a good day anyway. (For future reference, this was during the Coronavirus quarantine period). Nick ordered me a lovely assortment of treats from Soma Chocolatemaker, which was left on our doorstep by a mysterious masked man, and we had a nice dinner, but we certainly missed sharing the day with family and friends.

Speaking of being stuck inside, I went ahead and tried to make our place more fun to look at all day long, by putting out some seasonal decorations, including everything I wrote about in the previous post, about the spring and Easter things I’d found at the thrift store during the past year.

And, here’s where those thrift store finds went, mixed in with other spring-like decor.

Update, One Year Later : While these decorations, as photographed for this post, were on display, I filmed them, however, I’d not learned how to edit video yet. So, the next year (2021) I made the prerecorded footage into a video, found below. For the record, the pandemic continued throughout the year, until this following Easter, so, once again, it was a quiet time spent without family and friends. In fact, it’s even worse now, with more serious variants spreading widely. The city remains in lockdown.

↑ The forsythia (yellow flowers) are from our bush outside. ↑

↑ The cat pillow looks just like our dear Eddie, who died a couple of years ago. Nick got it for me the Christmas after we lost him, with the warning when I unwrapped it that he wasn’t sure if it would make me sad or happy. It’s a bit of both. It was made by this artist (the link goes to her Etsy store, if you’d like one, too). ↑

↑ I ordered a 20″ plain square pillow insert from Amazon, that fits perfectly inside regular pillow-cases. When you fold the extra fabric inside, it looks just like a regular cushion, but with an easy change (and washable) cover. ↑

↑ Both of these “Lady-Head” wall pockets were found at Value Village, at different times. They’re some of my favourite thrift store scores ever! ↑

↑ I recently got these mid-century die cuts, and the one of the bunny shown further down, from ebay. ↑

↑ A combination of two diy projects, this branch and twine wall hanging, and these Easter bead and egg ornaments. ↑

↑ The garlands are also a diy project, with the same link as the ornaments above. ↑

↑ This handmade wooden piece plays music. It was a gift from my mother years ago. You crank it by turning the wheel, and it plays “It’s a Small World” while the ferris-wheel slowly turns. ↑

↑ The branches are trimmings from a rose-bush in our garden, that needed pruning. I brought them in and put them in water, and they sprouted leaves! ↑

↑ The baskets are another diy, made by weaving cotton yarn through plastic fruit boxes, described in this post. ↑

↑ I won’t be wearing this vintage butterfly scarf outdoors anytime soon, so might as well use it as a tablecloth! ↑

↑ I got the lamb planter from my sister at Christmas, during our “Thrifted Gift Exchange” written about here. The bird wall-hanging in the living room (shown further up) also came from that gift exchange. ↑

↑ Another one of my favourite thrift store finds ever. ↑

Thank you for having a look. I wish you a good week ahead, all things considered.

xo loulou

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