Thrift Store Finds : Spring and Easter

Greetings! I hope you’re doing well, in spite of the pandemic. What a time.

Before the lock-down, I used to go to Value Village about once a month, but I got way behind in writing about my finds here. I kept a list of everything I got, though, and still have quite a few nice thrifted items to share with you.

Today, we have a grouping of ceramics and linens, that I’ll be using to cheer the place up for spring and Easter.

I’ll begin with five fantastic vintage ceramic pieces that I found during the same shopping trip. It was pretty exciting to turn into the knick-knack isle and see all these on a shelf together. I’m guessing that someone donated an entire collection and I happened to be the first vintage figurine lover to come upon them. There were even some great pieces that I left behind because I felt I couldn’t take it all. Of course, I regretted that later.

↑ I’ll start with a rare “Lady Head Wall Pocket”, likely from the 50s. I was amazed to find her in absolutely perfect condition.

She was made in Japan, at the request of a Canadian distributor of ceramics, called ESD. Many of the pieces they offered shoppers here were the same as those from the big-name American company in vintage ceramics, Lefton.

Here’s a note I found about the relationship between the two companies :ESD is “Enterprise Sales and Distributing”, headquartered in Toronto Canada (thus the Enterprise Exclusive labels). The owner was a friend of Mr. Lefton and was allowed at one time to “piggyback” on Lefton orders so that Lefton could order larger quantities and both companies would get better pricing from the Japanese manufacturer.

↑ This pair of birds were made before 1957 by a company called Royal Copley, which was a division of Spaulding China, USA. I didn’t notice while at the store, that one of their tails had broken off and been repaired. But it was very well done, and you can hardly tell. ↑

↑ This planter bowl with a bird was also made by Royal Copley, sometime between the early 40s and late 50s. ↑

↑ This bisque “Happy Birthday” chick was made by Josef Originals. He’d be from the 50s sometime. As you can see, a couple of the petals on the flowers are broken off, but that’s totally ok with me. ↑

↑ I particularly love Josef Original figurines, and have three of their little birthstone dolls. While this little lady with a poodle is not marked as such, she is so similar to the pieces I have, that I strongly believe she’s a Josef, too. Someone marked on the bottom that her name is “Terry” and she’s from 1966. ↑

So, those are the pieces that were all found on the same shelf on the same day and here are items found at a different time.

↑ I’m not sure about the origin of this “Three Chickens” figurine, decorated with gold gilding. It looks quite old, though, maybe from the 40s or 50s. ↑

↑ These three adorable egg-cups were found in a grab-bag hanging on the wall. Unfortunately, being packaged that way, they came with a few minor chips, one of which I was able to repair because the piece was in the bag. Still cute in their slightly damaged glory. You may have noticed them among our Christmas decor, holding some glass Christmas balls instead of eggs. ↑

↑ I’ve had this two-piece bunny trinket dish for a couple of years now, but it never made it into a post, so here it is today. I have no way of knowing whether it’s new or old but it looks like a vintage design to me so I’ll go with that! ↑

↑ This little ceramic planter is too small to grow a plant in, but it will make a fine little vase. It’s old, heavy and the glaze is crazed but it has no markings to identify it. ↑

That’s it for ceramics. Now for a few linens.

↑ This cotton tablecloth with a tulip print is thick and lovely. It’s round, so perfect for our dining table, and trimmed with a charming scalloped edging. ↑

↑ The four cotton napkins are newly manufactured in India. While they had been washed, they appear to have seen very little use. The sage colour matches perfectly with the green in the tablecloth. ↑

↑ If I had room to store them, I’d have all the vintage cotton bed linens I could find at the thrift store! But, I’m running out of room, so have to be more picky. That said, this flat twin-sized bed sheet and these three pillow cases, made the cut. They look so cute together! The striped pillow cases were made in Poland, and still have the original stickers on them. ↑

That’s it for this post. Once I place all these thrifted treasures around our home, I’ll be back to show you how they look in action. Update: Here’s that post!

Thank you kindly for visiting. Take care and stay well, my appreciated online friends.

xo loulou