Holiday Crochet : How to Make a Wreath

how to crochet a wreath handmade christmas free pattern

Hello!  I know not all of you are crocheters so I want to begin by thanking you for taking a look at what I've made, even though it's something you won't likely be doing yourself.  And, for those of you who do crochet, welcome, I hope I can inspire you to make something you end up loving.

Here's a crocheted holiday wreath.  The beauty of making things yourself is that you can use whatever colour you want.  Personally, I love the colour of turquoise and felt a need for a holiday wreath in that shade.  Well, more accurately, I felt the need and I also had some leftover bulky yarn in variegated shaded of turquoise, just sitting in my stash, and a metal ring meant for making a wreath with silk flowers, that I'd been given a while ago but hadn't found a use for.  So, I combined those elements with some medium weight cotton yarn, and made this wreath.  The soft and fluffy bulky yarn added just the right amount of cozy wooliness to the finished creation.

Perhaps you'd like to make one too ... here's how ...

supplies 1


  • a floral hoop (mine is 12 inches across, but, in hindsight, I would have preferred to use the 10 inch one that they carry at Michaels.)
  • about 70 grams of medium weight yarn (I used cotton because I had it but anything would work fine)
  • some bulky yarn, enough to make a row or scallops around your wreath (sorry, I can't be more specific than that about quantity because mine was leftover from another project.)
  • two hooks, a smaller one (I used a 5.5) for the medium weight yarn and a larger one (I used a 6mm) for the bulky yarn (not shown in image above).

How to:

detail how to single crochet onto a wire wreath frame

detail how to single crochet around the wire frame

↑ 1st row - Single crochet closely all around ring, adding enough stitched to completely hide the ring.  Slip-stitch to close ring of stitches. ↑

detail second row single crochet in every second stitch

↑ 2nd row - Ch1, sc into every second stitch, ss to close ring ↑

detail third row single crochet into each stitch in previous row

↑ 3rd row - Ch1, sc into every stitch, ss to close ring ↑

fourth row one single two chain one single into every sixth stitch

↑ 4th row - Ch1, *sc into back loop of every stitch for 5 stitches (this is "the 5" referred to in next row), "sc, ch2, sc" into next (6th) stitch*. Repeat between ** all around, ss to close ring.  (It doesn't matter so much if your count isn't exact at the end, ending with fewer or more than 5 won't really show up, as that part can be hidden behind a bow when you hang your wreath.) ↑

where to make first row of scallops
how to make the two rows of scallops

↑ 5th row (1st row of scallops) - *7 double crochet stitches into middle stitch of "the 5".  Slip-stitch into front loop below "sc, ch2, sc" in previous row * (first scallop formed).  Repeat between ** all around. Ss to close ring.  Cut yarn. ↑

where to make second row of scallops

↑ Image out of order - Included here to show you where the second row of scallops will be made. ↑

close up of how secord row of scallops anchors behind first row
detail of two rows of crocheted scallops

↑ 6th row (2nd row of scallops) - Change to bulky weight yarn.  Attach through back of middle stitch in a scallop in previous row.  *Skip to "ch2 hole" in previous row and make a scallop of 7 triple-crochet stitches.  Ss through back loop of previous row scallop.* Repeat between ** all around.  Ss to finish round. Cut yarn and weave in ends. ↑

crocheted wreath over a wire frame scalloped how to make free pattern

Decorate with a ribbon bow and some ornaments, if desired.

crocheted wreath christmas handmade decor toronto diy blog
handmade wreath free crochet pattern christmas holiday decor

Here it is, in action ...

handmade crocheted wreath christmas decor
mid century modern christmas decor with handmade crocheted wreath how to make
holiday decor with hand crocheted wreath how to free pattern

Thank you for taking I look.  I hope you're enjoying the holiday season so far!

xo loulou

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