Seasonal Crochet : Halloween Wreaths

Hello fellow crocheters and/or lovers of yarn! Here are a couple of Halloween wreaths I made, following this pattern.

The pattern was first shown at Christmastime, using bulky yarns, large sized hooks and a 12-inch metal ring. These two are that one’s little cousins, made with finer yarns, smaller hooks and a 7 1/4 inch metal ring.

The golden hued one was made with some vintage pure wool I was given a few years ago, which I was saving for just the right project. The black one was made with two different thicker yarns I found at the thrift store. One is a wool blend and the other a wool mohair blend. I used about 30 grams of each of the four yarns.

Since these were made with thinner yarn the the original one, even though the rings are smaller, there are more scallops going around. The number of scallops is based on how many stitches you begin with, enough to completely cover and hide the metal ring, and that is dependent upon the thickness of the yarn and the appropriate hook size. So, while the technique for making these wreaths is exactly the same, they will come up differently depending on your yarn, hook and ring size. Yours will be completely unique!

And, of course, the season they are used for is completely up to you, based on how you choose to decorate yours. For the gold one, I used these jack-o-lantern bead pendents made with beads I founds at Michaels, and a bow made from some autumnal ribbon with a gold thread running through it. The black one is decorated with some skeleton beads that came from a Halloween necklace found at Dollarama. It had a large skull at the end of it, which I just cut off (and will be using for another decoration), leaving the beads exactly as they came on the necklace. I just tied a knot and hung them on the wreath, and added a bow made from a sheer purple ribbon edged with sparkly black, but any purple ribbon would work.

The bows were made using this method, with an extra piece or ribbon included to make the tails.

I found the 7 1/4 inch metal rings in the macrame section of Michaels. They came in a package of three, so I have one more, which I think I’ll use with red yarn for Christmas and Valentine decor. On that note, I plan to change out the decorations and reuse this black one for Goth Christmas and again for a Black, Red and White Valentine theme. The gold one would also make a nice Thanksgiving / Autumn wreath without the jack-o-lanterns.

I hope the crocheters reading will try making one of these scalloped wreaths!

Thanks for visiting! xo loulou