A Holiday Art Date with Andrea : Hand Lettering

Greetings to you!

My friend Andrea came over for an Art Date on a recent Sunday afternoon.  

We worked on lettering, she making some Christmas cards and I writing out a holiday quote.  (The lovely frame I put it in was a gift she gave me a few years ago, making the project more meaningful.)

As you can see, she is quite skilled with the pen.  It was a secret talent actually, as I had no idea beforehand that she was so good at it, and then she just busted out and began making these beautiful letters! 

She used a brush-marker while I used a chisel-tipped marker meant for calligraphy.

I also added some gold detail with a nice pen that she had. 

↑ We practiced on scratch paper before moving to card stock.↑

↑ Andrea has relatives in the Czech Republic … That is Merry Christmas translated. ↑

↑ While we worked at the table, Nick worked on his own creations, whipping up a couple of pizzas. ↑ 

↑ We put away the pens and paper when dinner was served.↑

An Art Date with a friend turned out to be a really fun thing to do and we now hope to begin getting together to create something on a regular basis.  Of course, I’ll let you know how we make out!

Thank you very much for reading,

xo loulou