Live Music : Peter Bjorn and John at The Velvet Underground

I got to add one to my ongoing “favourite-songs-that-I’ve-heard-performed-live” list on Tuesday, when Nick and I saw Peter Bjorn and John play at The Velvet Underground.

The song that I was especially looking forward to hearing was “Young Folks” (you probably know it … “and we don’t care about the young folks, talkin’ ’bout the young style, and we don’t care about the old folks, talkin’ ’bout the old style too“) however, this indie band, from Stockholm Sweden, has many other great songs as well. They’ve been recording since 2002 and just released their eighth studio album, called “Darker Days” in October.

They put on such a good show. Based of the loud cheering and happy vibe in that room, we weren’t the only ones who loved it.

Oh, and the song “Young Folks”? They played it during the encore and it was pretty damn magical.

My little Canon Powershot camera was in a good mood and I got, what I think are, some pretty good shots considering the contrast of the darkness and bright lights, and how much these high energy guys were moving around …

↑ Bjorn Yttling and Peter Morén have been playing music together since 1997, after they met in school. ↑

↑ Jump! ↑

↑ The drummer was a guest whose name I can’t find. He was really good though. ↑

↑ When Nick and I first started going out together in 1998, we used to go dancing at The Velvet Underground regularly, so going there now is familiar and nostalgic. Since those days, the place has changed ownership and has been converted to a performance space, but, while they’ve completely updated the sound system and removed the old furniture, it still looks pretty well exactly the same as it did back then. They kept these two sculptures from the old days … the face was originally outside up near the sign, and the angel was suspended behind the bar. ↑

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