Vintage Barbie Dolls Get Dressed Up for Valentine’s Day

Hello! If you celebrated Valentine’s Day yesterday, I hope you had a good time.

The Barbie doll gang had fun getting all dressed up and going to a special concert, performed by their friend Barbie herself.

I mentioned in my last post about Barbie dolls, that I already had a Skipper Doll (Barbie’s little sister), a Francie Doll (Barbie’s modern cousin, who is smaller in stature than Barbie) and a male Allan doll. What I didn’t have was a Barbie sized doll, that I “needed” in order to begin making clothes for her and to be able to dress her in some of the clothes I’d been given as a gift from a friend. So, I used some money for Christmas on a couple of them.

The new ones are the brunette wearing the long black dress, who (I believe) was made in the ’90s and is the friend named Teresa. She’s the one I’ll use as a size model, so I don’t mess up the other, more precious, new one –“Solo in the Spotlight” Barbie was made in 1994 and is a reproduction of the original Barbie from the 60s. As you can see, she’s a singer and comes with a microphone. She is still in the original box but I do intend to take her out and use her. I will keep her hair in the same ponytail hairdo she currently has, though.

The fun part for me in relation to Barbie Dolls, is making miniature items to go with them. For this scene, which focused on Valentine’s Day, I made a heart-shaped box of chocolates, that you can open up. It is made from paper, mod-podge, ribbon a bead and a sticker. I also made a bouquet of red flowers, wrapped in tissue, a Barbie sized greeting card, and a garland strung with with tiny felt hearts and beads. I included the red handbag, which actually opens up, in this set because of the colour and shine, however, of course, Barbie or one of her friends can use the bag at other times of the year, as well.

I also made a few clothing accessories that can be used at any time of the year, including a crocheted shrug, a shawl and hat, and an opera scarf.

Thank you for looking. Loulou xo