Thrift Store Finds : Vintage Christmas

Hello and Happy December!

While I didn’t find a lot of Vintage Christmas items at the thrift store over the past year, I love what I got. Being especially fond of old ceramic pieces, I was excited to luck out on a few of those. I also picked up some great things that aren’t specifically for Christmas but that will be great to use in the seasonal displays.

And, as is my new way, I made a video “show and tell” describing the loot. I hope you’ll watch it, and, if you haven’t already, I hope you’ll subscribe to my Youtube channel. (Thank you, if you do!)

I haven’t photographed everything, but I will be sure to post pictures of each item here, once they’re immersed within our Christmas décor.

↑ Who can resist a vintage waving Santa?! ↑

↑ The “win” of the haul, this 60s era ceramic planter made in Japan, for “Enterprise Distributors & Sales” (EDS), who were the Canadian arm of Lefton in the United States. (Many collectors’ most coveted ceramics were made by them)↑

↑ Get in my cart, vintage Hallmark cream-pitcher snowman with the original tags still on you! ↑

↑ This special little lady has inspired an entire vignette that I’m working on. ↑

↑ A pure cotton table runner, painstakingly made by hand but never used, somehow found itself at the thrift store, waiting for someone like me to scoop it up. I shall show it a good home! ↑

Thank you for reading. If you celebrate, I hope you enjoy the festive season! xo loulou

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