Out to a Concert : Cults

Last Wednesday night, Nick and I went to see the band called Cults at the Phoenix Concert Theatre. It was a great show and we had a whole lot of fun. I was first turned on to them by hearing their song “Go Outside”, which they played perfectly at the show. The whole thing was excellent including a cool light/slide show. We both loved it!

The outfit I wore was inspired by my new peacock necklace. And I tried my best to reduce the black in the outfit .. it’s still there but at least not head to foot! It’s still cold here, so I had to wear a coat and gloves, which I left at the coat-check when I got there. I added a peacock print scarf to complete the look.

I hope you don’t find this to be a gross thing to do, but I found the scarf on the sidewalk and brought it home and washed it very well. It was all wet and mucky when I found it so it needed quite a thorough washing! Actually, Nick and I had been out for a walk when we first saw it, stepping over it and continuing on our way. Then about a block later I asked Nick if he had seen it. Of course he had as it was right in the middle of the sidewalk, but he hadn’t noticed that it had a peacock print. It stuck with me for our entire walk and on the way home I told him I was going to take it with me. He was like, “no way .. it’s on the ground .. it’s all dirty .. you don’t want that”. But I did want it, so I went home and grabbed a plastic bag and went back for it! So, if you dropped your peacock print scarf sometime in January, I have it and will happily give it to you!

The bracelet was Nick’s cousin Veronica’s, from the UK. I never met her myself as she sadly died just as Nick and I were getting together. We did go to Europe to visit his aunt though, to help her out getting her daughter’s things sorted. One thing that Vee collected was costume jewellery and Nick’s aunt wanted me to have whatever I wanted. This bracelet was one of those things and whenever I wear it I think of a woman who I never met, but from what I hear was a very remarkable person.

Thanks for checking out my post! I hope Tuesday is being fine to you. As I type Nick is busy installing a new toilet .. yup, we’re living the high life.

Here’s a link to Cults – Go Outside

Outfit Details – Blue shirt Jacket : Fred David (new), Tank top : Smart Set (old), Necklace : Ebay (new to me but possibly previously unused vintage), Bracelet : was Nick’s cousin’s, Purse : Mondi (vintage), Boots : Candies (old), Coat : Rouie (vintage), Scarf : found on the ground, Gloves : Hand made (vintage), Skirt and tights : unknown, I cut the tags out.

xo loulou