Interesting Building : Confederation Life

I took these shots of the Confederation Life building back in March which is why there is a bit on snow in some of them. I was motivated to take the shots because I found the shape of the building so interesting, especially in contrast with the modern sky-scraper beside it. My purpose for being in this neighbourhood at Yonge and Richmond Streets, was to go to the department store called The Bay, that’s shown to the left of the picture with the cars. I had a gift card to use from Christmas, and since the things I got with it were on sale, I still have some money on that card, so am itching to go out there again soon. It’s a good walk from where I live so a trip to The Bay is doubleplusgood .. new threads and some exercise!

The building was completed in 1892, after the architects Knox and Elliot won a contest and had their design selected. The style is called Romanesque Revival architecture. At the time it was built, and as you can see in the print below, it was one of the tallest buildings in the city. Apparently it was nearly gutted by a fire in the 70s but was restored after that. I’m calling it the Confederation Life building because this was the firm who commissioned the building way back then, but it has since had other owners.

Since these pictures were taken before I did my research on the building, the position from which I took my shots is different than that from which the historical pictures of the same building that I could find were taken. I was standing on the south west corner of Yonge and Richmond, while this first historical picture is taken from the south looking up Yonge Street. Aren’t those outfits neat? And to the right you can see a horse!

The second historic photo, which is actually a print, shows the front of the building, which is actually on Richmond Street. So my pictures show the left-most part of the building, taken from the side.

I hope you’re having a great Wednesday. So far so good here. It’s overcast but not raining … looks like a good day for a walk actually, so I just might pull out that gift card and head on over to The Bay for a little shopping!

xo loulou