Out to a Concert : Kina Grannis at The Phoenix

On Sunday night we jumped into a cab and headed out to the Kina Grannis concert at the Phoenix Music Theatre. Afterwards Nick, who had gone along for the ride, said he really appreciated her talent and the fact that she had packed the club single-handedly, but that the music was not so much his style. As for me, I loved every second of the show, including the sing-a-long.

Readers will know that we were out at another concert on Wednesday night too, which happened to be at the same club. For the previous show I had worn a coat because it was still pretty cold out, and I checked it at the door. Well, we ended up having to wait a good hour in line to retrieve it at the end of the show so this time I opted for no coat. However it was still cool out so to keep warm enough getting there I brought the scarf along with me, which I just smushed into my pocket upon arrival.

Everything in this outfit is something I’ve had for a while except the jeans and tank top. The shoes are Doc Martens and were my very first big purchase with my own money. They are the oldest item of clothing I have that I bought new, and I’m glad I hung onto them. The pointed toe style has come and gone several times style-wise, but I just could never part with them regardless of what fashion dictated.

Thanks for checking out my post.
xo loulou