Food Friday : Lemon Sole

For this week’s food post I thought I’d talk about fish, specifically a new-for-us recipe, “Lemon Sole”.

As mentioned last week, we don’t eat much meat. However we do eat fish, and until trying this recipe recently the fish we ate was always salmon. We love how it tastes and also that it is farmed on Canada’s west coast, so is sustainable. But even with the myriad of ways to prepare salmon, we were eager to branch out and try other types of fish. We decided to give sole a try, because we found that it had been certified as being sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council … don’t want to contribute to anythings extinction!

And the very first attempt, using this recipe for Lemon Sole, that we found at Food Network Kitchens was a winner. It was given 5 out of 5 stars and really was so delicious; we will definitely be making it again.

Another type of fish we are interested in trying is Tilapia, which neither of us has ever had but which I have heard is good. Have you tried Tilapia? Any recipes to recommend?

A note about the presentation of this dish in the photographs … Nick had no idea that I would be photographing and talking about this meal This is just the way my plate looked when I came down to dinner! He had scooped the rice with an ice-cream scoop. How cute is that?!

While we’re on the subject of fish dishes, I’d like to mention this delicious sounding recipe for Coconut Curry Salmon that my on-line friend Laura posted yesterday over here. It sounds and looks so good, so we’ll be definitely trying this recipe out soon.

Friday is mostly over by now, so I hope it was a good day for you and that your week-end will be fun. I plan to do some much needed yard work. Also in the plans is our first barbeque of the season. Guess what we’re having? Salmon!