An Interesting Walk in Toronto – Part 2 : Including a Market Within Shipping Containers

Hello again! Here is Part 2 of “An Interesting Walk in Toronto”. Part 1 is found here.

In a nutshell, this approximately 45 minute walk begins at Bathurst Street and King Street West and ends back where you began, after taking you by many noteworthy Toronto sites, some brand new and some historic, along the way.

(I don’t want to repeat myself with the whole intro here, so if you’d like to know more about where this walk takes you, please see Part 1.)

↑ There’s a hole in that fence! ↑

So, yesterday we ended at the hole in the fence, under The Bathurst Street Bridge, after walking along a lovely peaceful un-mapped trail. Today we’ll continue from there.

From the hole, continue walking eastward along the dirt path, up to the sidewalk. Turn right (southbound) and walk down to “Fort York Boulevard”. Then make another right (westward) and walk to Bathurst Street. Whether you cross the street or not there, depends on what view you’re more interested in, Stay on that side to cross the bridge for an excellent view of the city core and CN Tower. Or, cross the street and go over the bridge on the other side for a great view of Fort York and Liberty Village. (Looking that way (west) is looking back towards where you came from). We decided to cross the street, as reflected in the photos.

Once over the bridge, you’ll find the entrance to “Stackd Market” — This is a cool, ever-changing market of independent retailers and services, temporarily making their homes inside and arrangement of shipping containers. There’s also a microbrewery there.

It’s not obvious, but once you walk the length of the market, you can leave the area through an unmarked back way, which takes you out to the foot of Tecumseth Street.

There you’ll see a new condo development that incorporates a beautiful historic building and an old abattoir site.

These photos were taken in this order, after passing through the hole in the fence …

↑ You go up this dirt path, to the paved sidewalk ↑

↑ Looking back toward the bridge. Fun fact, this bridge was first built further to the west in 1903. Then it was disassembled and moved to this location in 1916. ↑

Historic Fort York, as seen from The Bathurst Street Bridge ↑

↑ Looking westward toward Liberty Village. The buildings at the front of the pack are the same ones we walked by at the beginning of the walk. ↑

↑ New condo development at the corner of Bathurst and Front Street. That’s the site that was discussed in this post about a beautiful historic building that was torn down to make room for this one. ↑

↑ I caught a quick shot of Toronto’s Pedal Pub . We’ve seen these travelling around town, filled with people singing and pedaling along. It takes people on a tour to different Micro Breweries in the city, so I guess he had just dropped folks off there, to visit “Belgium Moon Brewery”.

↑ This was neat — they were hand-painting their sneakers. ↑

↑ The “Belgium Moon Micro Brewery”, located in a double-wide shipping container. ↑

↑ Leaving Stackd Market through the back way. My pal Stella is showing us the way. ↑

↑ Old meets new ↑

↑ “The National Casket Company Factories”, built between 1883 and 1887. (If you’re interested, here is a fascinating document all about the building, that was created when evaluating whether the structure should be designated an important heritage building and therefore protected from demolition. It discusses the history of the building and the neighbourhood). It was saved and is now being refurbished as part of a condo development. ↑

↑ Across the street is a former abattoir. We got a notice in the mail recently, telling us that the site was going to be redeveloped into a place to be enjoyed by all. I’m excited to see what it becomes. ↑

↑ I can never pass a chance to take a picture of this cute vintage VW camper van that’s permanently parked outside of Ellie Mae Studios (a luxury womenswear brand) located across the street from the historic building. ↑

From there, you can either walk eastward along Niagara Street over to Bathurst, and then north a couple of blocks back to Bathurst Street and King Street West (where the whole walk began), or you can go north on Tecumseth to King Street West and turn right to get back to the beginning corner.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy this virtual tour if you’re not in Toronto and taking this walk if you are.

xo loulou