The Bathurst Street Bridge in Toronto

The Bathurst Street Bridge is situated just north of Front Street, near Toronto’s waterfront. This steel bridge was built in 1903 to cross the Humber River, but was moved to its current location in 1916, crossing the train tracks that bordered the city to the south.

The chances are pretty good, if you’ve visited Toronto either via airplane or train, that you have crossed over this bridge, as it is a major thoroughfare connecting the waterside roadways with the main part of the city. Thousands of people cross over its four lanes of traffic and pass under it on one of the ten sets of train-tracks below every day, getting into and out of the city.

I understand that throughout the years there has been talk of changing it, but apparently it is very structurally sound and has many years of life left. I hope it stays just as it is because I love the historic significance, however with all the development happening to the north and the south of the bridge, I wonder how long it will stand as is.

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Here is a very old photo of the bridge found within the Archives of Canada. It was taken in 1916, the same year the bridge was moved to Bathurst Street.

I found this bolt in the gravel at the south end of the bridge, presumably leftover after some maintenance. In spite of it making my hand smell of the distinct scent of old metal, I brought it home.

Curious cat Eddie volunteered to help with the picture taking.

Thank you for taking a look.

xo loulou

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