Out to a Friend’s Book Release Party

My talented friend Nyla released her first full-length book of poetry this week, called ‘Sumptuary Laws‘ and Nick and I went to the launch party.

It was held at Reposado. The bar specializes in Tequila and had quite an array of choices, however neither of us is overly accustomed to drinking tequila, but we’re curious to learn more about it. We both liked it there and are looking forward to going back.

Nyla read some of her poems and we enjoyed the good snacks served by the bar.

While waiting in line to get our books signed I had a nice conversation with a person I hope will become a new friend, Julie. She also has a blog, Knitted Bliss.

The fall night was dreamy so we decided to walk. All in all, this was a really fun night out.

How about you? Do you drink Tequila?

Thank you for visiting.
xo loulou

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9 Responses to Out to a Friend’s Book Release Party

  1. what a great place to hang! love the photos! xO!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Tequila sunrise to you! It sounded like so much fun!

  3. dollyboy says:

    I quite like Tequila in a Black Mexican (Tequila, Kalluah, Cola) but not had one for a while.

    I have to ask Nick – whats with this top button fastened malarky? Next you’ll be wearing half masst trousers with the crotch down to yer knees… ;))

  4. Rebecca says:

    Looks like a really awesome night! I love the tequila, but I usually drink it in a margarita! Happy to find another Canadian blogger!


  5. Julie says:

    Such a pleasure meeting you that night, the launch was great and had a blast chatting with you. Such fun to meet another TO blogger!

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