A Little Sparrow Up Close


Our outdoor space has been atwitter these days. Based on the level of chirping, there is no doubt that there are nests filled with baby birds all around us.

I am quite certain that one such nest, that of some sparrows, is tucked safely somewhere in the streetlamp pole that is in front of our place. The last photo is of that spot, being guarded by a male. Although he was quiet, the sound coming from his roost was quite busy indeed. There must have been some babies in there somewhere.

Since I am no expert I can't say exactly what this sparrow is but I think it is a young one. And because it is more of a buff colour than brown and black, I am pretty sure it is a female, but she could also be a baby 'he'. No matter what, I so enjoyed watching this little sparrow feed in a maple tree, and I hope you do too.

sparrow in maple tree 03

sparrow in maple tree 04

sparrow feeding 02

sparrow in maple tree 06

sparrow feeding 03

sparrow wings up

sparrow in maple tree sprin

sparrow in maple tree 05

sparrow in maple tree 07

sparrow feeding

sparrow in maple tree

2 sparrows feeding 01

2 sparrows feeding 02

sparrow watching nest

As I get this post ready to go, I suddenly remembered my dream from last night. I was standing with my finger stretched out to a bird in a tree and it came down and perched on it. Then more of them came and landed on my head and shoulders and all around me, until I was surrounded by a flock. They weren't real birds but rather cartoon bluebirds like those in many Disney movies, particularly Snow White. Nick was nearby with my camera and took pictures. I was smiling and very happy to have those birds on me, while in real life I would probably be horrified.

Thanks for taking a look,
xo loulou
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9 Responses to A Little Sparrow Up Close

  1. mariette says:

    These bird pictures are breath taking, they are so beautiful! I can’t take credit for passing that gift on to you! It remains to show that what you see during the day is often what you dream of at night though distorted is some ways!

  2. Lisa says:

    I’m so honoured Louise!!! Thank you for dedicating this series to me. The lighting you captured these birds in is heavenly. I LOVE these pictures. The ones where the sparrow’s wings are stretched out particularly got me. So angelic. Your photography is the best!

  3. Alli says:

    Oh look at those little cuties! These are really beauitful shots, I love all the motion you captured.


  4. Vix says:

    What stunning photography, that little sparrow is adorable (but the dream, in reality, would be scary!) x

  5. Cee says:

    What sweet little birds! I always love sparrows, they’re just so tiny and charming. I probably wouldn’t want one to land on me in real life, but the idea of a flock of cartoon Disney birds perched on me has a certain appeal, I must admit :)

  6. You got great shots! I’m impressed! They are lovely birds. I love to hear chirping outside. (It means no more snow!)

  7. Julie says:

    wow, such gorgeous, close up photos! Amazing. What camera do you use?!

    • Loulou says:

      Thanks Julie. I’m sorry … I missed replying to your question. The camera I use around my home and to take these is a Canon Rebel DSLR, but when I’m out and about I use a tiny Canon PowerShot. Also for the close-ups of the sparrows I used a telephoto lens.

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