A Cabaret Performed by a Chorus of Teens


Last Tuesday we were treated to something special, when we went to a nice dinner at a fancy hotel, after which we were entertained by a talented group of teenagers. They are members of a youth chorus who rehearse together regularly, and are lead by an experienced (adult) musician.

The person who invited us is a long-time friend, whose daughter was one of the singers. In fact, the young lady was actually at our wedding, 15 years ago last week. She wouldn’t remember it though, as she was the bump under her mother’s dress at the time. Seeing her this grown up has made me realize that a lot of time has passed since Nick and I were wed, even though it feels like it was not so long ago.

They performed a Cabaret of show tunes, that included favourites like ‘Anything Goes’, ‘All That Jazz’, ‘If I Were a Rich Man’, ‘Summertime’, ‘Come Fly with Me’, and a bunch more. In all, they sang 14 songs, including two where they all performed together as a choir.









On our way home on the streetcar we had a discussion about teenagers. Neither of us could remember when we last spoke to one and concluded that it must have been our niece when we were on vacation on the west coast, over a year ago. It seems that unless you have some in your family who live with you or close by, or you work in a profession where you are exposed to them, teenagers and adults don’t often mingle.

Anyway, it was fun to watch and hear them sing and certainly looked like a fun group to be part of. Since this show we’ve had many of the songs stuck in our heads and have been randomly bursting into song ourselves! Yes, I get a kick out of youuuuu. There, now you have it stuck in your head, too, lol.

As mentioned, it was our 15th anniversary last week … I’ll be showing you what we did to celebrate in my next post. Also coming up this week will be a post about our friend Chops’ birthday party.

I hope your week is off to a good start and thank you for dropping by,
xo loulou