The Kate Nash Concert in Toronto


Kate Nash is one of my favourites. I love her voice, with her charming English accent, the lyrics she writes, and the fact that she plays so many instruments.

I was so happy when, back in January, I saw that she would be in Toronto on March 15th. An extra bonus was the venue she was playing, The Horseshoe Tavern, which is such a great spot to see shows. It’s not a huge place, holding only about 500, so knowing the show would sell out quickly, I went right out and got our tickets. Good thing I did, because it did sell out and we saw quite a few people at the door hoping for any extras. We were able to make one lady happy, as we had a spare that I’d gotten for our friend Meghan, who ended up being too sick to go out.








horseshoe-tavern-concert-letting out

Before the show started, as I was getting us some drinks, I noticed the back of Nick’s head at the merch booth. He was getting me this tote bag as a little surprise. :)


Kate has more stops on her North American tour so if you can go, so if you’re into new music, I highly recommend it. She is also playing pretty well every city in the UK in April. Her third album Girl Talk (which is great, especially ‘O My God’) was just released on March 4th, so she is touring in sure port of that. I had listened to it a few times before the show so already knew the music. But secretly I was waiting for my two favourites of hers, ‘Foundations’ (which she wrote when she was only 19!) and ‘We Get On’, both of which she did in the encore.

All in all, it was a fantastic night that I will forever remember and treasure.

And, here is my outfit for the night.




[Outfit details : Sweater dress – Style & Co. Leggings – Nine West. Boots – Greenwich Village. Bracelet – Vintage. Handbag – Coach.]

Thank you for taking a look,
xo loulou