Black and Blue

I sprained my ankle yesterday and today I can barely walk, so I have no choice but to hang around the house and not do much.

It happened while out for a walk and I’m annoyed with myself for letting it occur. Though there was a reason .. Earlier I had been reading the weekend paper (Globe and Mail, Saturday), where they had a story about how Toronto currently has more new highrise towers going up than any other city in the world. It’s a good thing for the city, because apparently we need the housing, due to the fact that a very large swatch of land north of the city has been officially designated a no-build zone, having been allocated for farming and forestry only, halting any urban expansion to the north. It’s really good farmland so that totally makes sense. And to the south of the city, new housing is prevented due to the fact that we are situated right on Lake Ontario. So as a result, it means that in order to provide enough housing for the planned population growth required for the city to thrive, they have to allow for vertical growth. Hence right now there are more towers being built than there are anywhere else. The article closes by saying that Toronto was previously considered a ‘short’ city in comparison to other world-class cities, so we have some catching up to do, which is what is happening in the downtown core right now.

But all these construction zones make things difficult for the people currently living here, because the downtown sidewalks are all torn to sh*t. As a result, while out on a simple walk home from the shops on Spadina yesterday, going along Adelaide Street, I sprained my ankle on the uneven terrain. I was actually quite concerned when it happened because I thought that maybe I had broken it; not to get into too much detail but I did hear a distinct snap. I was alone so had no choice but to hobble on home. Nick took a look and helped to determined it was a sprain. He is not a doctor but he has had such an injury several times in his life, and concluded that if I could move my toes and was able to walk the rest of the way home, I did not have a broken ankle.

But it sure hurts. So today, I have had to stick around the house.

I found this fancy earring on the ground on the way over to the shops so I turned it into a necklace. I love the colour blue.

In deed, I do like the colour blue, but not when it is on my ankle.