Coffee Half Way

This is our 12th anniversary week. Nick and I met on a blind date, set up by our friend Alison who he met at university, and who I met during our first ‘real’ jobs after uni. She actually told me about her friend Nick twice, after I didn’t take her up on meeting him the first time she had mentioned him. I had misunderstood something she had told me about him, and as a result, didn’t think we’d be suited to one another, at that point in time of our lives. But she persevered because she really thought we would hit it off, and I’m so thankful that she did. She helped me find the love of my life!

Nick and I first met in November and we married exactly one year later (minus one week because we couldn’t book the location for the week-end we would have liked). The first meeting was in a coffee shop on a sunny Sunday afternoon. He told me he would be wearing a red shirt, so I would know him by this. I entered the cafe and looked around. There were quite a few single men in there that day so I stood at the door looking around. No red shirt. But there was this one guy sitting in the back corner, wearing a black jacket. And truthfully, what went through my head when I saw him was, “Oh wouldn’t it be great if that was my blind date”. Then, while gazing at me across the room, that same man slowly pulled down the zipper of his jacket to reveal a red shirt.

Three months later we were engaged to be married.

People were a bit concerned at how quickly we decided to spend our lives together, but we just knew. To this day, we continue to show each other that we still ‘just know’, by performing kind acts for one another whenever we can.

Which brings me to this series of photos. We share a home office on the top floor of our home. And pretty much every day, I hear his little announcement from downstairs, ‘Coffee half way’. This means he has made me a delicious coffee (it’s my favourite beverage), and because he’s busy doing something in the kitchen, he has left it on the stairs for me to come and retrieve. 99% of the time it is coffee but sometimes it’s ‘juice half way’ or ‘snack half way’.

Except this morning … As I am still hobbled by a badly sprained ankle, he made his usual call of ‘coffee half way’, but then laughed and said ‘Only kidding’, as he would never make me come and get it, while I have a sore foot. This morning it was delivered all the way!

And since I have time on my hands since I can’t go out (arggg .. I had plans for this week!), I played with Photoshop a bit to get this effect of a coloured cup within a black and white background.

Thank you very much for dropping over. I appreciate your visit. xo loulou