Themed Thursday : Red, Black and Shiny

I wore this black and red outfit out for a walk to Kensington Market with Nick today. It seems I am forever talking about going to the market but when you’re carrying home your things on foot, you have to go often!

We don’t currently have a gym membership so we walk walk walk everywhere we can. But actually today we had to take our car out for a bit, which is why I wore this particular colour combo. To match with our Ferrari.

What? … You don’t believe me? Ok ok, maybe that’s a little white lie. How about this … we had to take our Lotus out for a spin?

No? darn … ok, I will come clean … I wore this outfit to match with my shiny new tool box! My sweetie bought it for himself, for like, um, real tool storage. But when I saw it I loved it and he handed it over. I’m not sure what will go in it yet, but probably will have something to do with accessories.

Thanks for reading. Wishing everyone a happy week-end :)

Tee shirt from Honest Ed’s boy’s department. Necklace : vintage