Hot Daze in the City

I met a couple of friends, Meghan and Kaleigh, for dinner last night. It has been so hot out that I wanted something loose and flowy to wear, so I went with this top I recently bought.

It was a coincidence that the three of us ended up wearing complimentary colours!

A funny thing happened at the restaurant … We all ordered the same thing because it sounded so good … Grilled Cheese Sandwich, with spicy peppers and sliced avocados in them. What came to the table were three open-faced vegan sandwiches, with were basically a plain thin slice of brown bread, with a smear of hummus, a piece of lettuce, slice of tomato, and some sliced avocado. Not what we ordered and really not very appetizing looking (but an easy enough mix-up to understand, given the sliced avocado in both choices). Now, it’s not like we wanted a big fat sausage roll or deep fried butter balls, but, as Meghan put it, “A salad sandwich was not what we were looking for”!

Of course the waitress took them away and brought our orders very quickly. And she treated us to a couple of deserts to share … Bailey’s Chocolate Mouse and an ice-dream sundae. So all’s well that ends well.

My dress: Vanilla Sugar. Vintage clutch: Anne Klein. Shoes MIA. Capri Leggings: Jacob. Necklace: vintage bead used as a pendant.