Out for Lunch : Milagro Restaurant

If I sound like a broken record about our kitchen renovation taking ages, it’s because it is taking ages! Our toaster and microwave ovens are currently in the living room. We have no running water in the kitchen, not to mention a stove or dishwasher! Actually, our dishwasher has been broken for a couple of years now, and we decided it wasn’t worth getting fixed or replaced until we got the kitchen re-done. So we’ve gotten used to washing dishes by hand. That’s not to say that we’re not looking forward to having a new one though!

On a bright side, avoiding eating sandwiches twice a day, has meant lunch out on the town on a regular basis. And today, for the second time in 2 weeks, we have gone to a new-to-us place called Milagro, which is located at 783 Queen Street West. It’s a “Cantina Mexicana”, and the food there is wonderful. It goes beyond the typical Mexican restaurant found in Toronto, serving what I’d describe as gourmet Mexican food.

The first time we came, we shared a couple of the soft tacos, one shrimp and one beef, and also a serving of the civiche. The combination of service by the friendliest waitress around, a visit to our table by the chef himself, a very interesting room, and wonderful food, kept this restaurant in mind. We wanted to go back!

This visit we started with some quacamole and home-made chips, and each had a bean burrito. So good! And so generous as serving that we were able to take half home, and finish it later for dinner.