First Outing For My New Camera


Last Wednesday I joined my friend Izzy at the CD launch show of a person she works with. It was held at The Horseshoe, a place I have shown here before, most recently in a post about the Kate Nash concert last month (posted about here).

I wasn’t familiar with the artist, Donovan Woods, but I went because I wanted to be a good friend to Iz who asked me to, and because I wanted to try out my brand new camera in the low-light setting of a gig. While folk music isn’t a genre I usually listen to, it was quite excellent and I was glad I went.

As for the camera, you might have read in a previous post that I really wanted a new small camera to bring out and about with me, because the one I had was really old, and took blurry shots in low-light situations. Plus it was beginning to form a mind of its own and doing some weird things. I’ve wanted to replace it with a more current version of the same camera I had, a Canon PowerShot, and that’s what I did. (For those who care for details, I got the Canon PowerShot ELPH 110 HS, from Henry’s Camera on Queen Street East.)

And I love it. It takes nice clear pictures, has lots and lots of functions including a great zoom capability, and is actually smaller and lighter than the previous one I had. It’s a perfect tiny camera that I can carry in the smallest of handbags, and still get good pictures with.

Here are some shots I took with it inside the venue, taken without a flash …




And here is an example using the zoom function. With my old one I simply could not get a clear picture using the zoom and found out from the saleswoman that this was a technical issue with the old camera, but that has been improved in the newer models.


And here’s some writing on the bathroom wall that I thought was kind of fun …


Here are some pictures I took outside after the show …




Part of the reason I put off getting a new camera for so long, even though I knew I needed one, was that I had sentimental feelings towards the old one. It had gone pretty well everywhere with me for 7 1/2 years.

Just to let you know, the small camera is the one I have used for any shots I have taken when away from home, as I have never brought my DSLR out on the streets with me. I find that it is just too big and heavy to carry around.

But of course, the DSLR (mine is a Canon Rebel) is a better camera, and I use it exclusively around the house. Speaking of which, here are some pictures taken before I left, showing what I wore.

It had been cold and pouring rain all day long, so we’re not busting out our floral summer dresses here yet. I know this outfit is very dark but I wanted to wear my new skinny pants with a shiny snakeskin pattern, and darn if they didn’t look best matched with black. The necklace is one I picked up in Soho in New York City a few years ago. The links are made of lightweight chain-mail.






[Outfit Details : Pants – Jessica Simpson, Jacket – Kennith Cole, Boots – Glacee, Tee-Shirt – one of my collection with tags removed, Patent Leather Purse – Vintage Ingledew’s, Necklace – souvenir from NYC, Ring – souvenir from Greece.]

Thanks for dropping over. Hope you’re having a fine Monday.
xo loulou