Out to a Concert Asteroids Galaxy Tour

On Monday night, Nick and I were joined by our friend Meghan, to go see a band called The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. I have loved this band, from Copenhagen, for a while and was so excited to see/hear them live, as they tour their new album, Out of Frequency. We had a blast, dancing for their entire set. Almost a little too much fun for a Monday night!

Their website seems to be down right now but if you google their name you’ll get lots of info, including a youtube video for my favourite song of theirs called “Golden Age”. Well though, after listening to their new album a few times, that favourite title is up for debate, as the new songs are all great too. They’re in Montreal tonight and then Boston, Washington and Brooklyn the next three nights, so if you’re in those cities, I can guarantee you a happy time if you go and check out their show.

Here is what I wore …

Thanks for taking a look.