Themed Thursday : Black, White and Silver

Today’s post was motivated by my white patent-leather Doc Martin boots, that I got in London a few years ago. We can’t get many different styles of Docs here in Toronto, so I made a special trip to the home-store of this brand while visiting London. It was the middle of the summer and I got two pairs of boots towards the beginning of our trip. Then I had to carry them around for the rest of the trip! But it was worth it, especially for the second pair which I will show you during the winter, because they are outdoor winter boots, which I really love. And I have never seen another person with the same ones! (I have seen these white ones in a magazine once though.)

So without further ado … Black, White and Silver …

1) Outfit worn out for a drink with a friend.
2) Vintage accessories worn out with the outfit.
3) A mural painted on a wall located north of Queen Street, East of Bathurst.
4) Nick’s new car! We have never had a car while we’ve been together, so this is exciting. (It’s a Mustang 2012 V6)
5) Old square format film camera, that had been Nick’s dad’s. The hood ornament of a Mack Truck parked on one of the many construction sites in the neighbourhood right now.

Thanks for dropping by! :)