It’s Caturday! : DIY – Neck Decoration

Hello friends. Today is the day of the week when Eddie Boycat gets to join in on the blogging fun! He’s extra excited today because he looks so darned handsome in his Seasonal Neck Decoration, that he can wear when company comes over for either Halloween, Thanksgiving or just to celebrate the coming of the fall season in general.

He does not like anything tight around his neck (ask him about the 3 attempts to have him wear a nice collar with an id tag … one of which only lasted a mere 1/2 hour, after a trip outdoors!). This being so, this neck decoration is made with loose elastic and he can easily take it off if he wants. But actually, he seems to like it! He was not bothered by it at all. And being the very social guy that he is, he’ll gladly join the party with it on, welcoming the compliments about how cute he looks. (urmm .. though the manly-men in our circle, Nick included, are not so sure about this look on Eddie. lol) Note: it is for indoor use only, under supervised conditions.

To make one for your pet you will need about 60 inches of ribbon. (I used a wide one that I folded in half, but a single layer of more narrow ribbon would work too.) Some really stretchy thin elastic string, doubled to fit loosely around your pet’s neck, with about 3 extra inches to tie a knot to close it into a ring. A bell is fun (but not necessary). In the picture I show a little ribbon bow, but we didn’t end up using it, though to be extra fancy you could.

Method: Using a large needle, hand-stitch the elastic along one side of the ribbon as shown in the photo. Tie a knot and attach the bell (if using). Quick and easy!

Eddie thinks he’s the cat’s meow.