Lunch and a walk along College Street

My friend Nyla and I met for lunch at a fun spot called Sneaky Dee’s, located at College and Bathurst Street yesterday (Sunday). It’s been there since 1990 and hasn’t changed a bit throughout the years. It’s a casual place that serves good food and drinks and is always full of life. We arrived at noon and snagged the last table, leaving an unending stream of people waiting in line to get in. (Don’t let the line-up scare you off from visiting though, as it’s a big place and the line moves quickly.)

After lunch we took a walk along College Street, as it was absolutely beautiful out. (Somehow a nice day slipped in there between all the rain and gloom that has been Toronto weather as of late.)

I’ve been in this neighbourhood many many times before because my sister used to live here, but in all those visits I’d somehow missed this little historical nugget called Croft Street, named so in 1907 after a man who died during the clean-up after a major fire that practically burned down the whole core of the city back then.

The fire hall with the tall clock tower was built in 1878 and is still in service. In fact, a fire-truck with sirens blaring rushed out while we were passing it!

It was funny because as we walked we were passed by several groups of zombies, people still dressed for a zombie walk that happened Saturday, which I regret having missed. I’m sorry I didn’t get any face-on photos of them.

Here is a historical photograph that I found, that was taken in 1902, showing the fire station clock tower. (from the City of Toronto public archives)

Hope you had a good week-end and Monday finds your week off to an excellent start! xo loulou

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