Making it : Dinner Party Place-cards

Lately I have seen many references to Candy Corn due to it being a Halloween treat. However in all my life, I have never tried it. I can’t really say why, because it’s not that I don’t like sweets, but rather it’s because Candy Corn and I have just never physically crossed paths before. So my curiosity caused me to seek it out while shopping yesterday, so now I have had my first taste! It surprised me because I thought it was a hard candy but it’s soft. And vanilla-y good.

But why do I go on about Candy Corn, when this is a post about a DIY to make name place-cards for a dinner party? Well it’s because the package of Candy Corn I found included 3 other Halloween related candies too. And I have to say that when I opened it, it wasn’t the corn that immediately drew my eye. No, it was the cute little sugar-coated jelly pumpkins that got me.

Since I like the idea of name place-cards at dinner parties, I decided to make some using the enchanting confection. I think it’s cool when hosts decide beforehand who will sit next to whom, when there is a larger group to be seated. This is a particularly considerate gesture when you’re getting a group together who don’t already know one another, as it ensures that people you think will get along have the chance to chat over dinner. I have kept in mind though, that hosts are busy and making place-cards should be quick and easy! Mine are suitable for fall related festivities, but the colour combinations can be changed to suit any dinner party.

Supplies: Gummy candies with a flat bottom. (A regular jujube would work fine too). Two colours of construction paper. Some two sided tape. Toothpicks. A fine-tipped marker. Optional are a paper cutter and some scissors that cut a patterned edge.

To make it: Cut the paper so there are two of equal size of one colour, 2 inches x 1 inch and one smaller piece of the second colour, 3/4″ x 1.5″. Trim the smaller one with the fancy scissors if you want, or with pinking sheers, or just leave straight. Write the names of your guest on the smaller card. Attach one of the larger pieces to the toothpick using a strip of two sided tape. Note that this first piece will be the front of your piece, as it will stay flat. Peel the backing off the tape and attach the second piece of paper, so the toothpick is in between. Note this second piece will bend around the toothpick, so this side will be the back. Finish by attaching the name tag on the flatter side, and then stick the other end of the tooth-pick into the candy. Done!

And since Candy Corn was the instigator of this DIY, here’s a photo …

Wishing you a sweet Tuesday! xo loulou