What I Wore to Lunch at a Friend’s Place

On Sunday we went for lunch at my friend and her husband’s new home. The weather was quite hot but really gorgeous after all the rain we’d had, so I wore an airy lace dress to keep cool, not knowing if we would be inside or out. I am calling it a dress because that’s what it technically is, but on me it is so short that it is more of a top, which I wore with knee length leggings underneath. I got the dress/top last summer but only wore it once because I felt it looked a bit like a night gown. Nightie or not, I decided to wear it again! Due to the heat I kept my accessories to a pair of pearl earrings and a vintage straw hat.

After having a tour of their lovely place, we sat outside in a nice shaded spot on the deck, and caught up. Then we went inside for the delicious lunch which ended with an amazing array of desserts. Not to dwell on the sweets, but their dessert table was worthy of mention … chocolate covered strawberries, lemon squares, and chocolate biscotti. We also had slices of watermelon, the first I’ve had this summer so far!

Stella is a friend who grew up in the same neighbourhood as I did, so we have similar roots. We traveled together a couple of times before we were both married, once to Greece and Amsterdam, and then another time we went to Vegas. So we share a lot of memories and had plenty to talk about though, of course, we had to remember to include the men in the conversation too!

I took a few shots at lunch that I was able to easily make into a college, thanks to a recent blog post at Lady Justine discussing the app called Picmonkey. Oh my … why has it taken be so long to discover this?! I love it.

I’ve always admired the collages of photographs that I’ve seen on other people’s blogs, but found them so picky to create using Photoshop, so my use of them was very limited! Now that I’ve found this excellent program where I can just drag and drop my pictures and the spacing is perfect, I will be using colleges a lot more often! I’m so thankful to have seen the Picmonkey light!

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xo loulou