Making It : DIY Tag Greeting Card or Gift Tag

This week-end we celebrate the day dedicated to dads … Father’s Day. I must admit that I find it much more of a challenge creating a card for a male than I do for a female. All my usual flowers, bows and cute stickers just won’t work for a man. Here’s what I came up with for my dad. What do you think … Is it manly enough?

This technique can be used for any occasion and using more feminine colours would make it fine for a female too. I used a pre-made striped card but you can make the base for the card yourself too, with either a solid or patterned paper. Then cut a tag shape out of a plain piece of card stock in a complimentary colour, and punch a hole in the top with a hole punch. Then cut a smaller piece of card stock in another complimentary colour. I happen to have some scissors that make a fancy edge so I went around this second piece with those, however it’s not necessary.

Using whatever decoration of your choice, decorate the smaller piece. Since I was making a card for my father I used letter stickers to write out ‘dad’. But a flower sticker would be nice too, or something baby related if you’re making a baby card. Attach the smaller piece to the tag.

Thread a piece of ribbon through the hole and then attach the tag to the front of the card with some two-sided tape or glue. Then fold the ribbon over the top of the card and into the inside. Clip the ribbon at an angle and secure the ends with another sticker. This makes a nice little detail on the inside of the card. Or if you want to make a gift tag, just use the ribbon to tie it to your package.

Since I don’t want to risk ruining a card I’ve made by writing directly into it, I use another piece of paper, which I write on and we sign before attaching it into the card. I began doing this after I worked very hard on a wedding card for a friend once, and then misspelled my own name on the inside in pen. Yes, I do upon occasion misspell my own name! In that case I covered over the mistake with another piece of paper, but still, if the recipient was curious, they could probably quite easily discover the mistake. All this having been said, I leave the choice up to you … write directly into the card if you want.

Thanks for having a look. I hope this inspires you to make your own greeting card. Click on my Greeting Card DIY category for more card making ideas.
xo loulou

[pssst … mom, if you see this before it arrives, don’t show dad! :)]