There Was Dancing in the Street!

You just never know what you’ll come upon at any given time around here! These shots were taken on Saturday morning, when Nick and I happened upon a parade in full force while we were walking to the post office. There was no way we were getting around it so we joined the crowd and watched.

It was going along a strip of Dundas Street West which is known as Toronto’s ‘Little Portugal’, and was in honour of the Portuguese national holiday which pays tribute to Luis de Camoes. He was a poet and the anniversary of his death is marked by Portugal Day.

The colours and enthusiasm of the festivities was impressive. The groups of dancers were so well practiced that they could twirl and jump, and move along the parade route at the same time. Apparently there had been live bulls but we missed that part.

And here I am in all my no-make-up-just-going-to-the-post-office splendor! Yes, I was rocking a boys t-shirt. The people who saw us amongst the crowd could very well have thought we were part of the community, dressed as I was with my red hat, and Nick with his red shirt! All in all, a fun event to have stumbled upon.

Thanks very much for checking out my post! Have you come upon any unexpected parades lately?
xo loulou

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