Flowers in the Garden

Here are some of the flowers that have blossomed in my garden so far this year.

Most of these plants were inherited by me when we moved into our home. Some are so well rooted that I believe they’ve been here since the house was built in the early 80s. The lilac is literally 2 stories high, and I had to use my new telephoto lens to get the shot because the flowers are perched way up on the very top.

The rose bushes are impressive, in that after we moved in I cut them all to the ground, because we were having a fence built. Also because they are very thorny and grow right along our walkway, pricking you if you get too close. I didn’t find thorns at my entryway to be very welcoming so decided that I would have to forfeit the roses, so cut them right down. But the plants would have none of that and grew right back! So now, I get out there and trim them back pretty well every day during their growing season, so that nobody will be injured. And once the blossoms are done, I’ll cut them back … but not all the way … they’ve worked so hard that they deserve the right to live, and to shine their beauty on all who pass by.

Of these flowers, the ones I’ve planted myself over the years are the phlox, vinca, clematis, corn flowers and lilies, (pictured in that order below). I’ve also planted quite a few others but they didn’t survive. There are also some others that aren’t included though they did bloom, but of which I didn’t get a good picture.

And though I wish it were otherwise because peonies are a favourite of mine, these ones in the picture are in my neighbour’s yard. I do however have two different varieties of peonies that are filled with healthy leaves but not a single blossom! In the fall I shall transplant them to a more sunny location to see if next year will be any different.

Thank you kindly for dropping over. Wishing you a great beginning to a week that will bring you wonderful times.
xo loulou