Why Loulou is Great: Three Posts From Her Archives

I am happy to have my on-line friend Shakti Dove with us here today, hence the blush inducing title! 

So, here’s Shakti …..

Hiya friends! I’m popping over here today to share my love for Loulou with you. Since you’re here you obviously like her as well but I’d like to point out a few of my personal favorites from her blog. All you long time readers, let’s revel in the goodness, shall we? And you new readers, well, maybe these are new-to-you posts so all the better!

I love when Loulou shares her coffee making secrets. (A couple of posts are here and
here.) It certainly wasn’t the first post I read on Loulou Downtown but I remember reading her instructions on how to make a cappuccino at home and thinking
“Good grief, this woman is going to change my life.”

I worked at a coffee shop for nearly 5 years so I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to the drink but I haven’t really mastered the art of making it at home. The fact that she shows me how to make a decadent treat in a quick way that required no expensive, space hogging machinery at home has totally won me over.

I also love Loulou’s craftiness! Sewing on cards, a genius kitty bed, and these easy-peasy tassels. I still haven’t tried this DIY (which is shameful) but it’s so freaking clever I can hardly stand it.

And last but not least… I love that she shares her city. Other than walking across the bridge at Niagara, I’ve never been to Canada so I love seeing the places she goes, through her eyes. Maybe someday I’ll be lucky enough to visit her in ‘real life’ and she can give me a proper, in-person tour.  I think I would like that a lot. Plus (!) then I’d get to go back to her house and eat some of that scrumptious food she and Nick cook! ;)

Awesome, shabby teal door found in this post.


Thank you Shakti :)  And by all means, if/when you come to visit, we will cook you up a feast and we’ll work it off with a long walk around town!