It’s No Hassle to Make a Tassel

Yesterday I showed you a crocheted scarf here that I recently finished, on which I attached a tassel to each end. Today I will show you how I made those tassels but will also include a tutorial on how to make a smaller tassel, using one skein of embroidery floss.

Let’s start with that one.

handmade tassel made with embroidery floss on vintage key graduation party favour decoration

Steps to make a tassel from a skein on embroidery floss: (Please refer to the photograph as you go along)
(1) While keeping the skein of embroidery floss intact, remove a length of 36 inches, and divide this into two 18 inch pieces.
(2) Cut the remaining skein evenly in two.
(3) Take one 18 inch piece and fold in half. Make a knot about 1 inch down. (This will be the loop at the top of your finished tassel, so if you want it smaller, make the knot higher up.)
(4) Bring two halves of skein together and, using that 18 inch piece, tie them tightly at the fold in a triple knot. Let the ends of the tying piece merge into the rest.
(5) Take your second 18″ piece and loop it around the skeins, about 3/4 inch down. Pull lightly, and then neatly wrap around the skeins, moving upward.
(6) Make a loop and pull the ends through. Then separate the two ends and wrap them around and knot securely.
(7) To hide the ends, thread them through a large needle and pull them through, within the wrapped section, to merge with the rest of your tassel.
(8) Trim all the ends and you’re done!

For the larger Yarn Pom Pom Tassel, the steps are as follows:

Steps: (again, please refer to the photograph above so you know what I’m trying to say!)

(1) Cut a piece of cardboard, the width of the length that you want your tassel to be. I used a width of 3 1/2 inches.
(2) Wrap your yarn neatly around the cardboard 100 to 200 times, depending on the thickness of your yarn and how fluffy you want your pompom tassel (for reference, my yarn was medium weight and I wrapped it 200 times).
(3) Cut a section of yarn about 36 inches long. Double this piece and thread it through all your loops. I used a crochet hook to pull it through, or you could thread onto a long darning needle and pull it through. Note, the cardboard may bend, but that’s ok.
(4) While holding this piece (or lightly tying in a bow), pull the loops off of the cardboard.
(5) Tie the piece tightly. The long ends left on this piece will be used to attach your tassel to your scarf, and then any excess will be trimmed. Note, that some yarns might break if you pull and tie them tightly, so in such a case, use a string or cord of matching colour for your 36 inch piece.
(6) Cut the loops by gently pulling the loops so that your cut divides the loops evenly.
(7) Take another length of yarn about 18 inches long, and tie it around the pieces, approximately 1 inch from the top. Wrap around tightly a few times and tie a tight knot.
(8) The ends of this piece should just merge in with the rest of the tassel. Trim all your ends.

I’d be curious to know if you are encouraged to make your own tassels using this DIY tutorial.
Thanks for checking out my blog.
xo loulou

[ Follow-up February 2016 : Over four years after making this scarf, it is still my favourite. I’ve worn it a lot every winter since making it. Here’s a shot of me wearing it just last week.

The embroidery floss tassel continues to hang on the knob of the cabinet in the photo. It makes for a cute little detail in the room. ]