Themed Thursday : Falling for Autumn

I was reminded during a newscast on Monday that our official autumn season still has a whole month to go, so I thought I would linger in this lovely time of the year and present a themed post comprised of photographs that remind me of fall.

(1) I found this little bird’s nest on the ground under a tree yesterday. It spans only 3 1/2 inches from end to end, so the eggs that it once contained must have been very tiny in deed. I wonder what kind of bird made this it’s home for a while.

(2) On this day when our American friends are celebrating their Thanksgiving, (our holiday in Canada was last month, seen here), we will be enjoying some pumpkin pie in their honour, baked with the home roasted pumpkin puree Nick made here. Served with some hand-whipped, slightly sweetened cream!

(3) Kitchen things :
(a) Avocado coloured Fire King bowls, perfect for enjoying a nice hot pea soup from.
(b) A treasured amber glass decanter that my parents gifted us with, for no reason in particular except they thought we would like it. And they were right!
(c) A vintage basket my sister once gave me, filled with a treat that arrives in our part of the world at this time of the year, clementine oranges. I love them!
(d) Bowls with leaves on them. These Grindley Hotelware bowls were among my very first purchases from ebay, and I remember that all of them cost only $9.99 plus delivery. At the time I bought them because I liked how they looked but have since discovered they are very rare and highly collectable. The pattern is called “Country Fair”. My friend Izzy house-sits for a couple who have the whole set and use it as their everyday dishes. Nice!)

(4 & 5) Did you know that there were many different types of Maple trees, each with different coloured leaves, both during the summer, and during the fall? Also, they drop their leaves at different times. This brilliant yellow one only relinquished its foliage last week.

(6) A vintage brooch that seems to be right for this time of the year, though I haven’t had the chance to wear it yet.

(7) A full moon seen through bared branches, on November 10th.

And while it is not our Thanksgiving, I will still give thanks for you, the people who offer up a bit of their time, to drop by and read my blog. In a few days I will have been keeping it for 6 months, and have found it a real joy.

xo loulou