Sending Love Across the Miles : Making a Pop-up Card


I have a beloved cousin who lives far away, and I wanted to make a special birthday card for her. Here’s how it turned out.

I found a card and tutorial presented by Martha Stewart. Here are the instructions, which I found easy enough to follow, but note that the link they provide for the video is not right and should be this one.






I used some thin origami paper plus some card-stock I had. To stick things together I used two-sided tape everywhere except for the petals, where Martha instructs you to use a glue-stick.

The card Martha made had no decoration on the front, or a spot to write a personal message (unless you simply wrote it on the back), so I fancied up the card I made like so:

The pop-up instructions require that you cut out one petal from each flower in order to make them cup-shaped. So I took those spare petals and made them into hearts for the front of the card.


Then I made a pocket on the back, into which I put my hand-written note, with an extra piece of card-stock added so the note could be pulled out easily.



My cousin loved it. She commented about how it looks like the flowers are actually growing as you open the card.

Thanks for taking a look,
xo loulou

ps. This is the same cousin who make me these gorgeous cookies.