Much Love Monday : Beautiful Cookies in the Mail

Hello! This morning finds me participating in Anna’s weekly link-up with a positive vibe, Much Love Monday.

I mentioned in my last post that I had received a special parcel in the mail last week. My lovely cousin Lisa and her two little ones made these stunning cookies and then mailed them to me via overnight post.

They were an unexpected and charming surprise. On Thursday afternoon the doorbell rang and when I peeped out the peek-hole there was nobody there. Was it the neighbourhood kids playing nicky-nicky-nine-doors?, I wondered. (Did you play that when you were young? It’s when you ring someone’s bell and then run away and hide. Then laugh your head-off while they open the door and there’s nobody there! hahaha. I will admit that I did partake in such a game as a child.) Anyway, my doorbell rang and nobody was there. BUT there was a package! How exciting. Inside was a beautifully wrapped box and within this box were these cookies!

I am so impressed by my cousin’s skill. I had never seen her baking before because she lives a plane-flight away, but I’d heard about her ability to turn flour, sugar and butter into something wonderful. In fact, not only had I not experienced her cookies, I have never had the pleasure of meeting her children in real life. The last time I visited the province in which they live was for her wedding. That is not to say that distance has stopped us from having a meaningful relationship though, because with the help of old-fashioned mail, we have been able to keep in touch in a tactile way. One that goes beyond an e-mail.

Don’t get me wrong; I am not putting down electronic communication in any way. E-mail is in itself a wonderful thing and I am thrilled to be alive in a time that I can enjoy it. Without it, life would be a much more lonely place, for sure.

I do love the cookies, but I feel badly eating them. I had the orange cat last night, and it broke my heart to see it go, while it delighted my taste-buds.

Thanks for dropping over,
xo loulou

[Edit: Links to Much Love Monday have been removed because the site is no longer active.]